Blockchain is a new disruptive information technology that

allows anonymous partners to operate safely without the

intermediation of a third party or the need for a central

authority. This enables the creation of peer-to-peer

distributed economies and paves the way for a range

of applications, from e-commerce to management.

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Blockchain serves multiple needs across sectors

Markets + Finance
  • Clearing and Settlement
  • Post-trading
  • Digitalisations of real assets
  • Risk management
  • Securitisation and re-insurance
  • Temper-proof and decentralisation
Government + Law
  • Governance and Monitoring
  • Rating, grading and voting systems
  • Land registry
  • National identification
  • Task receipts
  • Blockchain IDs for digital signatures
Internet of Things
  • Agricultural and drone sensors
  • Smartphone networks
  • Integrated smart cities
  • Self-driving car
  • Personalised robotics
Health + Pharma
  • Health Data Banks
  • Universal EMR
  • Digital Wealth Wallet
  • Personal Development contracts
  • Big Data stream analytics
Science, Art, Media + A.I.
  • Community super computing
  • Crowd analysis
  • Film, data visualisation
  • A.I.: Blockchain learners, digital-mind services
Logistics + Supply Chain
  •  Integrated, safe transport networks
  • Logistical and contractual databases
  • Documenting, connecting and sharing
  • Transparency and security for customers and auditors

Blockchain needs an innovative and connected ecosystem

A space where regulators, industry and academia share expertise and access to resources and platforms

The UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies (CBT) is a cross sectoral platform, which develops scalable infrastructure fabrics, industry-wide solutions and standarised processes, with the aim of fostering the evolution of socio-economic frameworks to acommodate the rise of Blockchain.

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Blockchain needs a blueprint to large-scale implementation

In spite of nascent collective standardisation efforts, there is an abscence of formal legal frameworks and an uncertain and unharmonised regulatory environment.

The UCL CBT seeks to reconcile industry players, and facilitate the establishment of global standards of Blockchain regulation and governance.

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