The UCL CBT is an interdepartmental industry-oriented research centre of the University College London supported by

The UCL CBT goes beyond established discipline boundaries to set the foundations for a new interdisciplinary research area on Distributed-Consensus Ledgers and Network-Based Technologies divided in three pillars:

Science and Technology
  • Distributed Network
  • Scalability
  • Cryptography
  • Cybercrimes
  • Mining(de)centralisation pseudonymity
  • Technology of smart contracts and DAOs
  • Elaboration of a blockchain protocol suite
Economics and Finance
  • Herding and irrational behaviours
  • New sources of risk
  • Market distortions
  • Cryptofinance
  • Social inequality and financial inclusion
  • Community generated information and decision-making
  • Economics of smart contracts and DAOs
Regulation and Law
  • Regulatory (un)certainty
  • Digital consumer protection laws
  • Digital Identification
  • Institutional development
  • Elaboration of industry best practice standards
  • Law of smart contracts and DAOs

The UCL CBT is committed to becoming the leading European research hub with an industry focus on:

  • The impact of blockchain technologies on our socio-technical systems
  • The promotion of a safe and organic development and adoption of blockchain-based platforms

The competences developed by faculty members and research staff cover four strategic areas


which will be pursued to create a multilateral innovation platform to support and to foster an open and collaborative dialog among

Research Community
Industry Partners
Regulatory Bodies