Beyond Bitcoin and other token-based distributed ledgers that directly find monetary or payment applications, during the last years blockchain technologies evolved and became more mature by encompassing new features. Now, any socio-economic area that requires: (1) underwriting and execution of unilateral or bilateral contracts; (2) transmission of information or opinions; (3) exercising of voting rights among (anonymous) individuals and/or legal entities to be executed trustworthy, verified and recorded on public registries, may be potentially affected by blockchain technologies. As an example, blockchain technologies could be applied in these cases:


Clearing and settlement Post-trading payments and transactions
Governance and monitoring Rating, grading and voting systems
Brokerage activities
Securitization and reinsurance activities
Rewarding and incentive mechanisms
Refereeing, arbitration and notarization
Traceability of products, components and spare parts
Decentralised immutable data storage
Digitalization of real assets such as stocks, bonds, land titles, and frequent flyer miles
IDs for access in apps and websites, and digitally sign documents
Tamper–proof decentralization of controlling and auditing activities
Smart contracts for IoT applications
Correspond banking, trade finance, remittance and payments
Trust & custody Funds holding, and asset management
Shared private blockchain for efficient automatic invoice reconciliation and tracing
Decentralized AI for medical application

Given the broad range of blockchain applications, the UCL CBT aims at promoting and forging cross-sectoral alliances with a worldwide network of industry partners across the following major industrial sectors:


Financial Services
Internet of Thing
Consumer Electronics
Energy Industry
Logistics and Transportation
Media and Communications
Automation and Robotics

Industry Partnership Programs

The UCL CBT Industry Partnership Program is divided in three levels according to the different engagement mode: Innovation Partner, Core Partner, Strategic Partner.

  • Innovation Partner
    • Dedicated knowledge-transfer activities and in-house cutting-edge solutions.
    • Direct support to our Partners to design, implement and test different blockchain-based platforms
    • Privileged access to exclusive research results
    • Access to undergraduate, master and PhD students for internships and recruiting
    • Active fostering of mutual promotion & profile raising by posting the Partners’ brand on the CBT homepage

  • Core Partner = Innovation Partner +
    • Access to dedicated databases on blockchain systems, digital currencies and P2P systems
    • Invitation to present technical talks and showcase research or development projects
    • Free access to the annual market report on blockchain startups

  • Strategic Partner = Core Partner +

    • Specific fellowship programs at the CBT
    • Participation to elaboration of standards and blockchain governance
    • Invitation to closed-doors pitches by blockchain startups
    • Permanent chair at the Scientific Steering Committee