Digital currencies and blockchain-based applications like smart properties, smart contracts, DAPPS or Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs) present challenges for any definite classification and definition of these instruments within the framework of existing nation-state legal systems. Government, law enforcement agencies, market authorities and lawmakers are trying to fit digital currencies into existing legal frameworks. However, the result obtained so far is poorly fragmented and mis-coordinated. Current financial laws, ordinances, directives and regulations that impact also Bitcoin-related businesses turn to be complex and unsteadily evolving such that an exhaustive and comprehensive picture of the legal status in different jurisdictions is impossible.

Therefore, the UCL CBT aims at promoting an alliances with a worldwide network of regulatory bodies interested in blockchain-based applications. In particular the UCL CBT is interested in collaborating with:


Central Banks
Fiscal and Revenue Authorities
Governmental Agencies and Trade Authorities
Political Bodies
Financial Crimes Enforcement Agencies
Intelligence and Anti-terrorism
Financial Conduct and Stability Authorities
Anti-fraud Authorities
Cyber-Security Agencies
Police and Military Forces


Partnership Program for Regulators and Governmental Agencies

The UCL CBT offers to international institutions, regulators and governmental agencies a dedicated partnership program subdivided in:

  • Dedicated knowledge-transfer activities and in-house cutting- edge solutions. Direct support to our Partners to design, implement and test different blockchain-based platforms
  • Privileged access to exclusive research results
  • Active fostering of mutual promotion and profile raising by posting the Partners’ brand on the UCL CBT homepage
  • Access to dedicated databases on blockchain systems, digital currencies and P2P systems
  • Invitation to present technical talks and showcase research or development projects
  • Free access to the annual market report on blockchain startups
  • Specific fellowship programs at the UCL CBT
  • Participation to elaboration of standards and blockchain governance
  • Access to undergraduate, master and PhD students for internships and recruiting