Aleksei Gudkov

Researcher, Higher School of Economics, Moscow

Researcher and Legal Counsel


Dr. Aleksei Gudkov is a researcher in Higher School of Economics, Moscow. He earned his Ph.D. in law at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain).

His current research focus is in Tech Law; Regulation of Artificial Intelligence; AI & Blockchain; Ethics in Tech regulation; Law & Blockchain; Anonymous person & Private data. His past research includes Distributed stateless society on blockchain; Control over blockchain network; Legal aspects of the DAO; M&A deal structuring; Game theory in law; Investment Projects; Corporate and Antitrust Law.

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RegTech, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Stateless Society, Robot-Dealers, Crypto-assets, Anonymity, Blockhain Justice, Human rights on blockchain.


Higher School of Economics, Moscow


Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrency, Human rights, Anonymity, Ethics

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