Andrea Bracciali

Lecturer at the University of Stirling

Andrea Bracciali is a lecturer in Computer Science at Stirling University, UK. His main research interests regard the application of formal methods for the modelling and verification of interactive systems. Areas of interest range from the semantics of concurrent and distributed systems, the verification of component composition and security protocols, to symbolic semantics for the description of systems in the presence of incomplete information. He has also worked on the application of formal modelling techniques in Systems Biology and Life Sciences. More recently, he has started to work on blockchain technologies and will chair the workshop on Trusted Smart Contracts at Financial Cryptography 2017.


On symbolic verification of Bitcoin’s SCRIPT language. Rick Klomp and Andrea Bracciali (accepted at CBT workshop – Barcelona 2018)


Computer Science


Blockchain, Complex Systems, Data Science, Information Security, System Security, Smart Contracts


University of Stirling