Thank you for your interest in applying to Block-Sprint.

Deadline for applications: Sunday 10th November 18:00. The earlier you apply the more likelihood there is we will be able to help you form teams! Join our slack channel to find team members! Email to be invited.

Please note individuals applying without a team must do so before the Application evening on the 8th November, which will be the last chance to find a team. 

All teams must be composed of at least 4 people and we hope made up of at least two groups of stakeholders (e.g. individuals from more than one company; individuals from one company plus students; students from different institutions; In short, please try not to all be from the same organisation!). We suggest the following roles for your team members:

  • Blockchain Developer‎
  • Software Developer‎
  • Business Domain Expert‎
  • Entrepreneur
  • Data Scientist

Teams who successfully make it through will be invited to pitch to the judges at our Kick-Off event on the evening of November 11th where some teams will be selected to proceed through the rest of the hackathon programme; at least one team member must, therefore, attend this event. Successful teams will have the opportunity to poach members from teams that do not qualify.

Applications have closed.