Carsten Gerner-Beuerle

Professor of Law, LSE

Carsten Gerner-Beuerle is an Associate Professor of Law at the London School of Economics and Political Science. His research focuses on corporate governance, securities regulation, and law and economics. Gerner-Beuerle studied law and economics at Humboldt University Berlin, the University of Minnesota, and the University of London. He worked or held visiting positions at a number of universities in Europe and the United States, including King’s College London, the University of California at Berkeley, and Duke University. He is also admitted to the bar in Germany, regularly advises a German law firm on matters of corporate law and corporate insolvency, and has prepared reports on corporate governance and financial regulation for the European Commission and the European Parliament. Gerner-Beuerle’s research focuses on corporate law and securities regulation, generally using a comparative and interdisciplinary approach. One strand of his research deals with the legal and non-legal determinants of regulatory reform, the international diffusion of legal innovations, and the interrelationship between the regulatory environment and economic variables. His further research projects include analysing the European harmonisation programme in company law and capital markets regulation. Gerner-Beuerle is also working on a comprehensive treatise on comparative company law that examines in-depth some of the main legal traditions of the world, compares the regulatory strategies employed, and explains the observed differences in historical perspective.


Corporate Governance, Securities Regulation, Law and Economics


corporate law, financial regulation, law and economics



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