Chamkaur Ghag

Associate Professor, UCL

Dr Chamkaur Ghag is an Associate Professor of Physics at University College London (UCL) where he leads the research  to detect galactic Dark Matter. Chamkaur gained his PhD at the University of Edinburgh and 2006, following this with post-doctoral positions at Edinburgh and the University of California, Los Angeles. Chamkaur is an expert in rare-event particle physics searches, low-radioactivity techniques, noble liquid time projection chambers, data analysis and statistical techniques and Monte Carlo simulations.

Chamkaur is a founding member of the LZ Dark Matter search experiment and UK P.I. for the LUX experiment. He is also P.I. for the Boulby Underground Low-Background Assay Facility and holds several advisory roles for underground laboratories, including at Boulby and SNOLab, Canada. Chamkaur is presently the Chair of the Dark Matter UK (DMUK) consortium and Chair of the STFC’s Particle Astrophysics Advisory Panel.

Chamkaur is Chief Communications Office for Rhizome, a decentralised open source platform built on the blockchain for students and academics to bring their work, ideas and experience to an interdisciplinary networks focused on collaborative solutions for global issues.