Constance Choi

Co-Founder at COALA and Blockchain Workshops

I specialize in blockchain technologies (e.g., Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple). The heart of my work comprises navigating diverse stakeholders through evolving issues of first impression in the complex regulatory frameworks and legal regimes for distributed technologies in the information age.

I’m currently focused on global, collaborative, multi-stakeholder initiatives to bring clarity and reduce legal uncertainty in the field of blockchain technologies, smart contracts and decentralized autonomous organizations ( and I also support public and private institutions in global financial regulations, licensing and compliance, government advocacy, and strategic market development for blockchain technologies (

As co-founder of Kraken ( and the first General Counsel in the industry, I played a key role in shaping the early Bitcoin/blockchain ecosystem. Our software development startup became and remains currently ranked one of the top exchanges in the world. I helped navigate Kraken through its infancy – development, beta testing – to public launch, global expansion, and finally, market leadership. In my role, I pioneered the first exchange/bank partnership in the ecosystem.

In July 2013, leaders formed DATA, and my ongoing work is intended to foster ethical market leadership and sound public policy for these emerging technologies that will allow digital currencies to fulfill the great social promise of its technical ingenuity.

Prior to these roles, I practiced at Kirkland & Ellis, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, the Samuelson Law, Technology & Public Policy Clinic, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Perkins Coie, focusing on internet law, intellectual property, startup counseling, privacy, data security, and constitutional rights. I’m passionate about the transformative potential of blockchain technologies and its impact on our evolving social and economic systems.

Blockchain Technologies • Smart Contracts • Digital Currencies • Alternative Payments • Distributed Identity • Decentralization • Internet Law • Privacy Law • Data Security Law • Intellectual Property Law • Copyright, Trade Secret, Patents • Civil Liberties • Litigation & Trials • Startups • Venture Capital •Multi-Jurisdictional Financial Regulations & Licensing • Multi-Jurisdictional AML Frameworks &Regulatory Compliance • Consumer Protection Law • Government Education and Advocacy • Corporate Law • Cross-Border Transactions •Global Restructuring • Fundraising • Multi-stakeholder Collaboration

Presentations & Speaking Engagements
December 2014
Latin American Bitcoin Conference
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
November 2014
Las Vegas, NV
17-19 September 2014
Andorra Digital Currency Summit
12 September 2014
Liquidity Summit
London, UK
28 July 2014
American Banker Digital Currencies Conference
New York, NY

10-11 July 2014
London, UK
3-4 July 2014
ICT Spring Europe Summit, Keynote Speaker
24-25 June 2014
ACI Virtual & Digital Currency and Payments Systems Conference
Chicago, IL
15-16 May 2014
Bitcoin Foundation Conference
Amsterdam, NL
12-14 May 2014
Dubai Cards & Payments Conference, Keynote Speaker
Dubai, UAE
23 April 2014
Hummingbird Ventures Seminar, “Virtual Currencies: Hype or New Business Paradigm”
Mechelin, Belgium
11 April 2014
DATA Annual Conference
Washington, DC

Organizer of inaugural DATA conference, participants including industry leaders, US and foreign regulatory agencies, the World Bank, Gates Foundation, and other public and private institutions around the world.
26 March 2014
Money & Technology Interview
San Francisco, CA
25-26 March 2014
CoinSummit SF
San Francisco, CA
24 March 2014
Luxembourg Consulate Digital Currency Presentation for Minister of Finance
San Francisco, CA
7-16 March 2014
SXSW Interactive Festival, “Bitcoin & Math Based Currencies: Road to $100 Billion”
Austin, TX
3-5 March 2014
All Payments Expo
Las Vegas, NV
26-27 February 2014
Pay360 “Legal, Legislation & Compliance” Conference
London, UK
11 February 2014
Slate Magazine, New America Bitcoin Event “New Coin of the Realm”
Washington, DC
11 February 2014
Future Tense Interview
Washington, DC
28 January 2014
Wells Fargo Virtual Currency Summit
New York, NY
21 January 2014
Nikkei Newspaper Interview
Tokyo, Japan
15 January 2014
Dansei Interview
influential blogger in Asia
Seoul, South Korea
7-8 December 2013
Latin American Bitcoin Conference
Buenos Aires, Argentina
20-23 October 2013
American Banker – ATM Debit & Prepaid Forum
Las Vegas, NV
9 October 2013
Soho House Bitcoin Presentation
Santa Monica, CA
6-10 October 2013
Money2020 Conference
Las Vegas, NV
28 August 2013
Conference of State Banking Supervisors Presentation
Washington, DC
22 August 2013
Northern California ACAMS – “Emerging Payment Technologies”
Palo Alto, CA
15 August 2013
Bloomberg Tradebook Presentation
New York, NY
14 August 2013
NMTA Virtual Currencies Compliance Conference (VC3)
New York, NY
2 July 2013
Bitcoin London 2013 – “Regulatory and Legal Challenges”
London, UK
11 June 2013
“Bitcoin: What it is, how it works, and why it’s the most important invention of the 20th century”
Royse University Webinar
Palo Alto, CA
6 June 2013
Let’s Talk Bitcoin Podcast – Adam Levine
San Francisco, CA
4 June 2013
Techendo Interview
San Francisco, CA

Research fields

Computer Science, Finance, and Fintech



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