David B. Kinitsky

Scientific Advisor, UCL CBT

David B. Kinitsky works at Fidelity Labs as a Vice President of Research and Innovation, focusing on, among other areas, the bitcoin/blockchain space and its impact on the financial services industry.  He had previously been at SecondMarket, where he was a Senior Director and the General Manager of the Bitcoin Investment Trust. Earlier at SecondMarket, he directed the company’s pre-IPO private company transactional platform business. He has also spent time with a boutique investment fund consulting group, the law firm of Beigelman, Feldman & Associates, Palm Pictures and Sanctuary Records in New York. Mr. Kinitsky earned his Juris Doctor with a Concentration in Intellectual Property Law from the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, and his Bachelor of Arts in Political Economy of Industrialized Societies from the University of California at Berkeley.