Dimitrios Koutsoupakis

Financial Consultant

Dimitrios Koutsoupakis conducts doctoral research on pure (peer-to-peer/P2P) economic and political decentralization and the potential integration of such exchange networks with the money and capital markets. Academically, he holds an MPhil in Economics from the University of Athens, an MSc in Public Management from SDA Bocconi, and Bachelor in Economics from the University of Athens. Today, he is a PhD candidate at the University of Athens while he spent academic year 2016/2017 as a Visiting PhD researcher at LSE sponsored by the LSE European Institute.Professionally, he is financial consultant and specialises in financial modelling, analysis & reporting. His experience encompasses projects that cover the full spectrum of economics advisory namely private (deals/transactions), public (infrastructure financing/project finance), and transnational (technical assistance/policy recommendation).


Economics, Finance, Statistics


Digital Currencies, P2P Finance


London School of Economics & Political Science

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