• Tuesday Evenings between 21 May and 9 July 2019
  • 8 evenings over 8 weeks at UCL’s Campuses
  • Taught by Leading Academics & Practitioners
  • Includes Blockchain Coding Workshop and Networking Events
  • Discounts available for a limited time period
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Leading the provision of Disributed Ledger and Blockchain Technology Executive Education

UCL takes the lead in providing Executive Education in transformative and disruptive technologies both in the UK and internationally.

Backed by the deep expertise and breadth of the UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies (CBT), UCL is uniquely positioned to offer a holistic and global perspective on the transformative potential of Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) in our socio-economic systems.

We currently offer three different types of programmes that run in the UK and internationally. These are:

  • Executive Evening Programmes
    • Eight evenings over eight weeks held on UCL Campuses
  • Executive Winter/Summer Schools
    • Three-day intensive Blockchain Programmes held internationally in collaboration with leading Educational Institutions
  • Bespoke Programmes
    • Programmes created based on participant requirements held either in the UK or internationally

What Makes Our Programmes Different

The UCL CBT is the first centre globally to actively focus on blockchain related research on the adoption and integration of Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies into our socio-economic system.

The unique characteristics of the CBT at UCL provides a cross-sectoral platform connecting expertise and drawing knowledge from eight UCL departments centrally in one place. The CBT is a centre of excellence fostering open dialogue between industry players and sharing expertise and resources. It is a neutral think tank providing consultancy services to industry members, dedicated knowledge-transfer activities and cutting-edge in-house solutions.

As the largest blockchain academic centre in the world (by number of research affiliates), the CBT is able to leverage its large network and global reach to provide instruction from leading academics and practitioners at the frontline of blockchain and DLT research and deployment.

Our programmes teach frameworks to create a better understanding of blockchain technologies. We break our programmes down into five different areas:

  • The Technology Behind Blockchains & Distributed Ledgers
  • The Economic Implications and Business Applications of Blockchains
  • The Legal/Regulatory Implications of Blockchains
  • Real World Case Studies
  • Pre – Course Preparatory Materials, Blockchain Coding Workshops and Networking Events

Since blockchain projects require an understanding of many different areas, our programmes explore the technology, business and legal aspects of them independently and then combine all these areas during case studies.

This holistic approach is then supported through an online learning platform which provides supplementary materials and knowledge. We also offer coding workshops and networking events for those who wish to explore the technical elements of blockchain a bit deeper and those who are interested in collaborating on blockchain projects.

Feedback from previous programmes includes:

“A thoroughly enjoyable course—I now read blockchain use cases with a different sense”

“High quality speakers + content”

“A good introduction to DLT”

“Great delivery, structure, content and friendly/supportive delivery team”

Who Takes Our Programmes

Course participants on our programmes come from a variety of sectors and with diverse work experiences. The median work experience of participants is greater than 15 years. The following charts show the breakdown of participants based on their work experience and what sectors they have come from.

Upcoming Programmes, Enquiries & Bespoke Requirements

We aim to run four in-person taught programmes in the UK and internationally. These are expected to run in different quarters of the year:

  • Blockchain Executive Winter School
    • Three Day Intensive Programme held internationally
  • Blockchain Executive Evening Programme
    • Eight evenings over eight weeks held on UCL Campuses in London, UK
  • Blockchain Executive Summer School
    • Three Day Intensive Programme held internationally

Please download our Executive Education Programmes Brochure to learn more about the programmes we offer.

For information on specific programmes we are running, please visit the programme-specific pages and download the specific programme brochures. You can find the programmes that we are currently taking registrations for on the right/below.

If you’d like to inquire about our programmes beyond those we are currently taking registrations for, please do get in touch. We are looking for international partners for collaboration on the delivery of intensive blockchain literacy programmes.

For those organisations that also require a more bespoke programme, we are happy to discuss requirements and options.

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