Francis Li

Francis Ga Nin Li

Senior Research Associate


Dr Li’s research at the UCL Energy Institute focuses on energy and climate policy, computational simulation for strategic decision making under conditions of deep uncertainty, technology innovation, and exploring the social and political dimensions to technological change in energy systems. His work includes both academic research for the RCUK energy programme and strategic analysis for major industry stakeholders (UK Energy Technologies Institute, National Grid plc).

Li, F. G. N. (2017). Actors behaving badly: exploring the modelling of non-optimal behaviour in energy transitions. Energy Strategy Reviews.


Li, F. G. N., & Trutnevyte, E. (2017). Investment appraisal of cost-optimal and near-optimal pathways for the UK electricity sector transition to 2050. Applied Energy, 189, 89–109.


Li, F. G. N., Pye, S., & Strachan, N. (2016). Regional winners and losers in future UK energy system transitions. Energy Strategy Reviews, 13–14, 11–31.


Li, F. G. N., & Strachan, N. (2016). Modelling energy transitions for climate targets under landscape and actor inertia. Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions.


Li, F. G. N., Trutnevyte, E., & Strachan, N. (2015). A review of socio-technical energy transition (STET) models. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 100, 290–305.


Economics, Engineering, Public Policy, Energy


Behavioral Science, Complex Systems, Energy



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