John Allison

Fellow, Chart Red Institute

Allison john is an architect, multi-skilled.  Fellow of Chart red Institute of Finance and Investment, Institute of Policy Development Management,and Member of NIA.  He hold BSC (Second Upper) and MSc both from the prestigous University of Nigeria. His interest in Blockchain Technology stems from his believe in the potential of the technology to solve plenty of global problem that underline peace nd stability. As case study Nigeria’s problem from political elections management  to industrial supply,procurements and logistics management. His passion has fueled his concluded basics and advance courses in Blockchain,Fintech and Design innovation courses with ConsenSys Academy, University of Cape Town and University of Sydney. Currently, very interested in UCL blockchain project. Allison is seeking PhD research opening: INVENTORY OPTIMISATION AND INVENTORY MANAGEMENT : BLOCKCHAIN THINKING AND APPLICABILITY IN NIGERIA OIL AND GAS INDUSTRY. Allison believe decentralisation is best for the operation of conglomerate and likes of NNPC (Nigeria’s biggest oil organisation controlling 60%of all JVS operations in the Oil and gas sector) in a cloud of distrust . Tokenisation of assets from oil blocks, vessles,tank farms, pipelines all through the value chain and recognising SupplyChain and its Managements as Intangible Asset for sale. He  believes this will help change passive or reactive rather proactive design process approach to Supply Chain and its strategic importance of the success of business. Overall this will allow for efficiency, profitability, avaliability of products and elimination of subsidy without worrisome increase in fuel pump prices due to increased grassroot participations. Tokenisation of assets,simplicity (like USSD codes, RFID,etc),ease of entry (affordability) can pull financing from hitherto excluded communities even from the financial systems. Huge losses experienced from ponzy schemes (MMM), expanded participation in mobile banking, and local and diaspora remittances gives insight of the opportunities. Allison loves writing, research and travelling, lecturing. Pleasant personality he is happily married.