Marcella Atzori

Blockchain Advisor & GovTech Expert, Ifin Sistemi

Marcella Atzori is an academic researcher and advisor, among the international top experts in blockchain governance and GovTech applications.

She gained a Master Degree in Political Science with honours and a PhD in International Relations. She also holds a Master Degree in Digital Currencies from the University of Nicosia, Cyprus, the world’s first university course entirely dedicated to distributed ledger technologies and blockchain applications.

Her credentials also include several certified courses from the Columbia University, the University of Michigan, the Darden School of Business, the University of Adelaide, IEEE and more, on specific topics such as the Internet of Things, cyber security, digital surveillance systems, responsible innovation, global economy, and e-democracy.

As a researcher specialized in alternative models of governance for public and private institutions. Dr. Atzori has investigated possible applications of distributed ledger technology for e-government and ID management, bank industry, Internet of Things, and food supply chains.

She regularly advises governments, institutions, SMEs, academic communities, and other relevant actors, helping them to:
– follow-up closely the development of new decentralized applications and evaluate challenges and opportunities for citizens, governments and services;
– understand regulatory and legal challenges issues around Blockchain, DLT, digital currencies and smart contracts;
– assess infrastructure, governance and standards, with the aim to formulate policy recommendation for sustainable innovation.

Dr. Atzori is a permanent blockchain advisor for Ifin Sistemi, the Italian leading company in the sector of trusted services for public administration and banking.

She is also the International Coordinator of TrustedChain ®, a spin-off of her scholarly research. TrustedChain® is the first permissioned blockchain of European Trust Service Providers, designed for highly sensitive services (PA and e-government, banking, e-Health, industry) as, in partnership with Monax Industries.

Projects and Conferences
  • Consultancy work and feasibility study for the implementation of blockchain-based services in the City Council of Turin (2018)
  • Participation to the World Economic Forum as blockchain expert- Round table on technology and global governance (2018)
  • Interview for “Corriere della Sera” about blockchain technology, sovereignty and the State (Feb, 2018)
  • Keynote Speaker at ” Blockchain for Social Good” (Turin, Dec 2017)
  • Blockchain Advisor for the European Parliament (from Dec 2017)
  • Blockchain Advisor for the European Commission (from Dec 2017)

Decentralised Governance, RegTech, Technopolitics, GovTech and Blockchain Networks for Sensitive Services


e-Governance, Blockchain Consulting, International Developer, Technology Law, Digital Currencies, Privacy, GoveTech, Public Administration, Sensitive Services


Blockchain Advisor, Ifin Sistemi, Research Associate Iran Blockchain Lab

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