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Marcus Dapp

Marcus Dapp

Senior Scientist & Lecturer at TU München and ETH Zurich

Head of Open Data & Management at fortiss

Marcus has spent the last decade on sustainable digital practices, ranging from open source and open data to recently blockchain. He heads the open data team at fortiss, runs a blockchain seminar at TU München, and a lecture on digital sustainability at ETH Zürich. Previously he helped co-found and lead the Open Knowledge Foundation Germany and before that ran the first award-winning CivicTech project of a German city as an IT strategist for the City of Munich. His PhD dissertation researched the effects of software patent policy on innovation in open source projects. He lives in Munich and enjoys life with his family and one year old son.


Computer Science, Economics, Law, Psychology, and Public Policy


Blockchain, Open Source, Open Data, CivicTech


fortiss, ETH Zürich, TU München

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