Mehdi El Husseini

Mehdi Husseini is a legal adviser and a regulatory comparative researcher on the application of the blockchain legal frame work in different jurisdictions. He holds Masters degree in International Commercial Law with professional skills from the University of Aberdeen, UK with commendation and he studied Private and Public International Law at the Hague Academy, Netherlands. Mehdi also holds a certificate in Oxford Blockchain Strategy Programme from Oxford University, UK and he is a founder member at Oxford Blockchain Foundation and London Blockchain Foundation.

During 2018, He founded “Block Leges ©” which focuses on creating an application based on Blockchain Model Law which consists of a set of rules that can be adopted and integrated in different regulatory systems. The project aims to facilitate the applicability of blockchain use-cases in different jurisdictions by applying the same legal framework when possible. He is planning to enrol for his PHD in “Law and Blockchain”.

Mehdi believes that the current applicable legal approach for blockchain use cases is not judicious, especially that each jurisdiction is applying its own regulations without taking into consideration the cross-border nature of Blockchain. On a practical level, immaturity of blockchain technology and its high potential as a disruptive innovation technology that could change organisations and governments requires the need to formulate a unique and universal legal framework “Model Law” for blockchain innovations.

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