Melanie Swan

Technology Theorist, Philosophy Department, Purdue University

Melanie Swan is the Founder of the Institute for Blockchain Studies, a Technology Theorist in the Philosophy Department at Purdue University, and a Singularity University faculty member. Her education includes an MBA in Finance from Wharton at the University of Pennsylvania, an MA in Philosophy from the New School in New York NY, an MA in Contemporary Continental Philosophy from Kingston University London and Université Paris 8, and a BA in French and Economics from Georgetown University. Her primary research interests are Technophysics, Smart Networks, and Blockchain Economics. In pure research, Melanie applies quantitative methods from mathematics, physics, complexity science, and machine learning to blockchains. In applied research, she focuses on payment channels, debt, net-settled capital, risk, integrated business ledgers, and blockchain health economics. Regarding social organization, she has proposed the “Smart City Cryptopolis and Blockchain Enlightenment,” a social theory of dignity for a multi-species society of human, algorithm, and machine. In applied economics, she has formulated algorithmic trust, a network mechanism that moderates credit availability and facilitates blockchain markets to Nash equilibria more quickly than classical markets. Advanced conceptual research focuses on BCI cloudminds, the Brain as a DAC, the biocryptoeconomy, and blocktime (the native time domain of blockchains).


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Research Fields

Technology Theory, Continental Philosophy, Complexity

Key Words

Blockchain, Complex Systems, Data Science, Financial Mathematics, FinTech, IT Infrastructure, Network Theory, Systematic Risk, Smart Contracts

Purdue University, USA

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