Nemitari Ajienka

Lecturer, Edge Hill University

I am a Lecturer (Software Engineering) at the Department of Computer Science at Edge Hill University, UK. Prior to joining the department, I have been actively involved in the software industry as a blockchain application developer and developer on a funded research project at Brunel University London where I completed my PhD.

Prior to my PhD research at Brunel, I earned an MSc (Distinction) in Computer Science from the University of Birmingham and a BSc (1st Class) in Information Technology and Business Information Systems from Middlesex University, London.

My research focuses on the area of software change impact analysis (estimate the ripple effects of an implemented software change). Software change impact analysis is an essential step when maintaining or canging software for various reasons according to Lehnert: (i) it allows to estimate the amount of work required to implement a change, (ii) estimates the set of software artefacts which should be changed, (iii) it helps to identify test cases that should be re-executed to ensure that the change has been correctly implemented, (iv) it enables developers to ask “what if…?” questions, and (v) partially implemented changes can lead to bugs and unintended side effects and high maintenance costs. Other research interests include software maintenance and evolution, empirical software engineering, mining software repositories, program comprehension, source code analysis, software visualisation, blockchain technology as well as automated blockchain smart contract code generation. I am a member of the Data Analysis research group at the Data and Complex Systems Research Centre at Edge Hill University, member of the British computing society, a certified SAP associate, certified Microsoft Technology Associate in Databases and certified SAS base 9 programmer and an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, UK.