Deadline Extended to 31 Oct. 2016: Student Thesis/Paper Competition 2016

Blockchain Security, Risk and Financial Cryptography

Call for participation: We encourage submissions of student research thesis and research papers in areas of blockchain, bitcoin or other financial cryptography research. Language should be English. We seek [primarily] submissions from students which have already been graded by a university. Independent researchers and participants from start-ups are also welcome. However, blockchain professionals and well-funded professional researchers will not qualify for cash research prizes unless the jury decides otherwise.

Ethics: This is a grass-roots independent academic effort to crowd-source blockchain security, risk and financial cryptography research for the benefit of a broader community which intends to better understand blockchain systems and their vulnerabilities. This is primarily a game which is declared of public interest. To researchers able to highlight security failures, risks, privacy and other critical issues in bitcoin and blockchain systems, we provide research prizes of moderate size in order to encourage their honest intellectual effort.

Organizer: Dr. Nicolas Courtois, Department of Computer Science, UCL

Partners:, Finyear, Clearmatics, Tramonex

Prize Jury:

  • Jan Aldert Bergstra, Institute of Informatics, University of Amsterdam
  • Alex Biryukov, University of Luxembourg
  • Nicolas T. Courtois, Senior Lecturer, University College London
  • Prof. Stefan Dziembowski, University of Warsaw, Poland
  • Jean-Paul Delahaye, Lille University of Science and Technology, France
  • Aggelos Kiayias, University of Edinburgh, UK
  • David Naccache, Ecole Normale Supérieure and Ingenico Labs, France
  • Vassilis Zikas, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, US
  • Paolo Tasca, UCL Centre for Blokchain Technologies, UK

Deadline: 31 October 2016



Prizes: Several prizes will be awarded for master thesis and other research work

  • 5 BTC for a study on criticalities, economic distortions and pathologies in the bitcoin economy or other blockchain systems.
  • 5 BTC for a study on risk security and vulnerabilites in crypto currency and blockchains.
  • 5 BTC for discovery of attacks bugs or flaws in ZK proofs, ring signatures, ECCs, key management and other advanced cryptographic techniques relevant to blockchain tech.


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