Patrick Mccory

Assistant Professor, KCL

I am an Assistant Professor (Lecturer) at King’s College London and at heart I am an Engineer with a focus on cryptocurrencies, decentralised systems and building cryptographic protocols.

My research and its implementation is funded by the Ethereum Foundation, Ethereum Community Fund and the Research Institute.

I have a single PhD Scholarship available for a UK/EU student, so please get in touch if interested.

I advise a startup called, maintain the popular Open Vote Network Project/StateChannels/LocalCrypto, I’m a member of IC3. I have conducted two security audits for RSK.

In the past, I was a post-doc at UCL with Sarah Meiklejohn, a post-doc at UIUC with Andrew Miller and completed my PhD at Newcastle University with Feng Hao and Siamak F. Shahandashti.