Philippe Rixhon

Media and entertainment technologist

Philippe Rixhon manages innovative projects for major communication, media and entertainment companies and leads prestigious teams developing ground-breaking systems. He focuses on copyright in the blockchain era and applications of distributed-ledger and watermark technologies in the media and entertainment industry, among others as a member of the Open Music Initiative.

Philippe holds a MSc in Engineering from the Catholic University of Louvain, a MSc in Management from Boston University and a MA in Theatre Directing from Middlesex University and the Russian Academy of Theatre Arts. He is an Honorary Doctor of Arts in recognition of outstanding contributions to performing arts creation, production and technology.

Philippe Rixhon in Artefact Magazine “A brighter future for music


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Smart Contracts, Copyright Management, Consumer Engagement, Monetization, Intellectual Property Rights, Automated Direct Connections between Content Producers and Consumers


Business Models, Business Processes, Business Integration, Junction of Technology, Business and Policy


Philippe Rixhon Associates Ltd; Open Music Initiative (Berklee College of Music, Boston, USA)

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