Soichiro Takagi

Associate Professor, Tokyo

Soichiro Takagi is Associate Professor at Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies, at The University of Tokyo. Through his career, he served ad a Professor, Executive Research Fellow, and the General Manager of Research Division at Center for Global Communications (GLOCOM) at International University of Japan, and the director of the Blockchain Economic Research Lab at GLOCOM. He also served as an Asia Program Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School, etc.

His major field is information economics and digital economy, focusing on the relationship between information technology and the economic systems. He has examined a variety of topics including offshore outsourcing, cloud computing, open data, sharing economy, digital currency, and blockchain, and platform. He has authored many books and articles, including “Reweaving the Economy: How IT Affects the Borders of Country and Organization” (University of Tokyo Press), and “Blockchain Economics: Implications of Distributed Ledgers” (World Scientific, co-authored). He received KDDI Foundation Award in 2019.