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Based in University College London, the UCL CBT

Student Division is the first and largest university

society in the world focussing specifically on

the Blockchain technology.

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About us

As part of the UCL CBT - the cross-disciplinary research, engagement and advisory centre - the Student Division offers unparalleled exposure to a world-leading research community, sector-defining industry partners and a global platform for your learning.

The student division aims to:

  • Maximise interest in and spread awareness of the Blockchain

  • Imbue keen students with practical technical skills of Blockchain coding

  • Connect young professionals looking for opportunities and industry leaders looking for qualified talent in the Blockchain field


Blockchain-awareness campaign. Engage with bright-minded students from all departments through talks and panels, inviting industry and academic leaders from a range of sectors, including finance, healthcare, economics, politics, law and robotics.

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Deep learning

Interactive workshop series, held by computing professionals from UCL and elsewhere, aimed at teaching the implementation of Blockchain. Intensive Bootcamps, which will provide a recognised certification.

Careers and opportunities

Networking sessions with industry leaders, academic institutes and startups, to allow keen students and progressive employers the opportunity to connect. Large-scale rendezvous will promote the sharing of ideas, allow for sector-specific training programmes and ensure a didactic intergenerational experience.

Student members are also fast-tracked to authorship opportunities and volunteering at global conferences, as well as benefitting from numerous discounts on Blockchain events around the world.

Student research

MSc and PhD students are encouraged to apply to participate in the UCL CBT’s ground-breaking research projects, along-side a world-leading research community.

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No Student Division is complete without a thoroughly enjoyable group environment. UCL CBT hosts group outings to allow members to get to know each other and the committee, while having a great time.

Some opportunites at the UCL CBT

The Market Mogul Authorship Fast-track

Have you wanted the opportunity to write for a global audience of hundreds of thousands, for an innovative financial media outlet? Check out themarketmogul.com - in a unique collaboration with UCL CBT - Student Division, our members are being given a fast-track to authorship!

Apply and enter our code UCL CBT 17

We are participating in the “Best Society in the World” Competition, requiring our members to write as many exceptional articles as possible, to generate the highest number of views and shares! We therefore encourage all of you to take this amazing opportunity to boost your career experience, test your writing skills and have your opinions heard around the world! Let’s get writing!

The area to we which we have exclusive rights is ’Chaining The Banks Into Blockchain.’ Potential topics can include:

  • Why Banks won’t be crushed by the innovation caused by blockchain?
  • Why is blockchain still a buzzword?
  • How can consumers play a part in the blockchain revolution?
  • What more do Banks want of cryptocurrencies?

As long as you meet the quality criteria, you may write additional articles on other topics. Please cover a diverse a range of topics as possible!

Apply and enter our code UCL CBT 17

FinTech WW Volunteering (Blockchain Week)

Unique Conference Opportunity
£1000 worth of Free Events

FinTech Worldwide have held conferences in major financial hubs such as London, Chicago, San Francisco, New York and Hong Kong.

They are now holding their third annual London Blockchain Conference, which will form a part of their first London Blockchain Week. The Week will start with a hackathon followed by a two-day conference. They will also be holding workshops and partner events with evening drinks every day. The first day of the Conference will focus on Crypto/Bitcoin/Public Blockchain, whilst the second day on Blockchain/DLT in hybrid and public ledgers.

They would like volunteers to work for them between 22nd and 24th January. For a day of your time - you will get breakfast and lunch, a free t-shirt and access to over £1,000 worth of events/networking with FinTech and Blockchain thought leaders.

For more information about the coference

If interested, please like our Facebook page (if you haven’t already), and email your CV to kayin@fintechww.com and state the dates you would like to volunteer in.

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