Stylianos Kampakis

CEO, Tesseract Academy

Dr. Stylianos Kampakis is an expert data scientist and statistician living and working in London. He is a true polymath with degrees in Psychology, Artificial Intelligence, Statistics, Economics and Computer Science (PhD). He has worked on various domains including natural language processing, recommender systems, sports analytics, data culture and neural networks.

He is the CEO of the Tesseract Academy, educating decision makers on deep technical topics like data science, AI and blockchain. He is also the Chief Data Scientist of Electi Consulting, offering services in the same areas. Finally, he is the Chief Data Officer of Datalyst, where he helps professionals become data scientists.

He regularly posts his views and opinions on The Data Scientist.


Data Science, Psychology, Artificial Intelligence, Statistics, Economics, Computer Science


Natural Language Processing, Recommender Systems, Sports Analytics, Data Culture, Neural Networks

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