Susan Ruddell Ramonat

Chief Executive, Spiritus Partners

Susan is Chief Executive of Spiritus Partners. Spiritus is pioneering digital service records and analytics that improve medical device safety management by bridging clinical asset management, decontamination and sterilization services, and infection control.

Spiritus seeks to improve patient safety and clinical outcomes, as well as ensure regulatory compliance, by bringing together hospitals, medical device manufacturers and 3rd party service providers as an enterprise ecosystem enabled by DLT/blockchain and such technologies as data analytics, geo-location and geo-spatial services, ML and IOT>

Pairing cutting-edge foresight with results-driven pragmatism, Susan draws upon 25 years of executive experience in enterprise sales, product management, technology strategy, corporate development, operational risk management, and cybersecurity.

Early in her career she worked for EFHutton and Merrill Lynch.  Over nearly 20 years at SEI Investments, a leading service provider to global wealth and asset managers, she served in a variety of roles, including Head of Enterprise Risk Management, and later established and led its blockchain programme.

Susan serves on the Industrial Advisory Board of Engineering Science at Loyola University Chicago. She speaks frequently at industry conferences, universities and law schools about distributed ledger technology (DLT)/blockchain, analytics, IOT and cybersecurity in critical infrastructure settings.

Susan is a magna cum laude graduate of Princeton University. She was raised in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.