We are a global group of thinkers, inventors and entrepreneurs

The UCL CBT starts from a core-group of faculty members and scholars with complementary competences:


Information Security

Distributed Systems

Network Theory


P2P Economics

Behavioural Science

Data Science

Technology Law


Cyber+Operational Risk

Systemic Risk

Complex Systems

Financial Intermediation

Banking Regulation


Banking Digitisation

Smart Contracts

Blockchain applications

A dynamic team of UCL professors and students supports the research community and directs the CBT in its cross-sectoral undertakings.

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Research Associates

Faculty Associates

Tomaso Aste

Professor, Complexity Science, UCL

Jason Blackstock

Lecturer, Science and Global, UCL

Fabio Caccioli

Lecturer, Computer Science, UCL

Ariane Chapelle

Hon.Reader, Risk and Finance, UCL

Christopher Clack

Founder, Thompson-Reuters Lab, UCL

Nicolas Courtois

Lecturer, Computer Science, UCL

George Danezis

Head, Information Security, UCL

Shehar Bano

Researcher, Computer Science, UCL

Anna Donovan

Co-Director, C. Ethics and Law, UCL

Michael James Fell

PhD, Energy Institute, UCL

Daniel Fricke

Lecturer, Financial Computing, UCL

Michal Galas

Research, Financial Computing, UCL

Guido Germano

Tutor, MSc Computational Sci., UCL

Denise Gorse

Member, Financial Computing, UCL

Geoffrey Goodell

Senior Research Associate, UCL

Francis Ga Nin Li

PhD, Energy Institute, UCL

Giacomo Livan

Research, Computer Science, UCL

Francesca Medda

Professor, Transport, UCL

Sarah Meiklejohn

Lecturer, Computer Science, UCL

Rickard Nyman

Research Student, UCL

Navin Ramachandran

Honorary Senior Lecturer at UCL

Andrew Hudson-Smith

Head, Advanced Spatial Analysis, UCL

Carsten Gerner-Beuerle

Professor of Law, LSE

Ioannis Lianos

Professor of Law, UCL

John Shawe-Taylor

Head, Computer Science, UCL

David Shipworth

Reader, Energy and Environ., UCL

Philip Treleaven

Director, UK Centre Financial Comp.

David Tuckett

Director, UCL Faculty of Brain Sci.

Guy R. Vishnia

PhD, Statistics, UCL

Frank Witte

Departamental tutor, Economics, UCL

Patrick Wolfe

Deputy Director, Alan Turing Institute

Enrico Costanza

Lecturer, UCLIC

Georgios Dimitropoulos

Assistant Professor of Law, UCL

Abel Maciel

Senior Research Associate, UCL

Alistair Moore

Head of I&E, UCL Engineering

Licia Capra

Professor, UCL

Alan Penn

Dean, Bartlett, UCL

Nikhil Vadgama


Alexandra Schneiders

UCL Energy Institute

Simone Righi

Lecturer, UCL

Research & Industry Associates

Darcy Allen

Research Fellow, Institute of Public Affairs

David Andolfatto

Professor at Simon Fraser University

Primavera di Filippi

Permanent Researcher at CNRS

Marco Bardoscia

Research Assistant at LIMS

Andrea Baronchelli

Lecturer at City University of London

Damiano Brigo

Chair of the MFRG at ICL

Constance Choi

Co-Founder at COALA

John Danielsson

Co-Director of the SRC at LSE

Marcus Dapp

Lecturer at TUM and ETH Zurich

Krysztof Piech

Professor at Lazarski University

Tiziana di Matteo

Professor at KCL

Eva Micheler


Tina Ehrke-Rabel

Professor at the University of Graz

Stefan Eich

Lecturer at Princeton University

J. Doyne Farmer

Professor at Oxford University

Mark D. Flood

Research Principal in the US Treasury

Danny Gozman

Henley Business School

Philipp Hacker

Fellow at the EUI

Andre Jahn

Goethe University

Dror Kenett

Researcher in the US Treasury

Janos Kertesz

Professor at CEU

Lily Zechner

University of Graz

Christoph Kreiterling

Senior Officer at BaFin

Matthias Lehmann

Professor at the University of Bonn

Jonathan Liebenau

Professor at LSE

Sylvie Delacroix

Professor of Law, Birmingham

Rosario Nunzio Mantegna

Professor at Palermo University & CEU

Julie Maupin

Fellow at the Max Planck Institute

Immaculate Motsi-Omoijiade

University of Warwick

Theodosis Mourouzis

Executive Manager at CIIM Limassol

Marcus Müller


Neha Murarka

Co-founder & CEO at smoogs.io

Stathi Panayi


Kyriacos Pavlou

Information Technology Lecturer

Claudio Tessone

Assistant Professor at University of Zurich

Jason Potts

Professor at RMIT University

Philippe Rixhon

Media/Entertainment Technologist

Meher Roy


Elisabeth Hoedl

Research Fellow

Luisa Scarcella

Research and Teaching Assistant

Odysseas Sclavounis

Researcher at Alan Turing Institute

Christoph Simmchen

Researcher at University of Oxford

Melanie Swan

Purdue University

George Theocharides

Associate Professor at CIIM

Andranik Tumasjan

Postdoctoral scholar and senior lecturer at TUM

Angela Walch

St. Mary's University

Bernhard Waltl

Research Associate at TUM

Isabell Welpe

Chair of Strategy at TUM

Andy Yee

Public Policy Director at Visa

Jean-Pierre Zigrand

Systemic Risk Centre at LSE

Bonnie G. Buchanan

Professor of International Economics and Finance, Seattle University

John Flood

Professor at Griffith University

Andrea Bracciali

Lecturer at Stirling University

Richard Porter

University of Utah

Paolo Giudici

Professor at the University of Pavia

Navroop Sahdev

Ad Meliora

Tamara Favaro

University of Pisa

Park Sooyong

Sogang University

James Brogan

Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Giuseppe Destefanis

University of Hertfordshire

Jeffrey Bandman

Bandman Associates

Thomas Bocek

CSG Member, University of Zurich

Daniel Heller

Visiting Fellow, PIIE

Jacob Tyge Swambo

PhD Researcher at KCL

Francesco Sebregondi

Forensic Architecture

Rodrigo Mazorra

R&D at Tictrac

Stylianos Kampakis

Data Scientist at Bandtix

Gareth Peters

Chair, Statistics, Herriot-Watt University

Johannes Ruf

Assistant Professor, Mathematics, LSE

Michèle Finck

Max Planck Institute

Ben Livshits

Imperial College London

Marcella Atzori

Researcher & Advisor

Chris Corbishley

Investor, Forward Partners

Nasim Akhtar

Associate Director, UBS

Mohammad Ali

PHd Student, Plymouth University

Silvia Bartolucci

Research Associate, Imperial College

Mehdi El Husseini

Legal Adviser

Kryzysztof Piech

Professor, Lazarski University

Alex Sims

Assoc. Professor, University of Auckland

Aleksei Gudkov

Researcher, HSE Moscow

Alexander Blum

CEO, Atomic Capital

Lance Villaruel

CCA, Baanx.com

Nakul Shah

Founder, Sate Development

Prashant Vora

Strategies, TATA Consultancy

Claudia Crippa


Daniel Resas

Associate, Schnittker Möllmann

Henry Chan

Assoc. Professor, Hong Kong Polytechnic

Joshua Matettore

LL.M. Candidate, Berkeley

Massimo Ragnedda

S. Lecturer, University of Northumbria

Rasa Karapandza

Professor, ebs.edu

Vitaly Fain

PHd Student, University of Bristol

Jiahua Xu

Post Doctoral Fellow, EPFL

Ari Chatterjee

CUO, EnvelopRisk

Chris Berg

Sr. Research Fellow, RMIT Blockchain Innovation Hub

Edgar Osaghae

Senior Lecturer, FUL Nigeria

Edmund Schuster

Associate Professor, LSE

Alan Midgley


Allison John

Fellow, Chart Red Institute

André Geest

PhD Candidate, LMU Munich

André Schweizer

PhD Student, University of Bayreuth

Frode van der Laak

PhD Student, KCL

Giovanna Massarotto

Adjunct Professor, University of Iowa

Henry Balani

Principal, Blockchain Advisory Institute

Hermann Elendner

Junior Professor, HU Berlin

Horst Treiblmaier

Professor, MODUL University Vienna

Hossein Nabilou

Postdoc, University of Luxembourg

José Parra-Moyano

Founder, Lionstep

Luiz Guilherme Antunes

Associate Professor, Sao Paolo University

Marco Alberto Javarone

Senior Researcher, nChain LTD

Margie Cheesman

Anthropologist, Oxford Internet Institute

Michael Brookbanks


Nancy Fechnay

CEO, BedrockX

Nicola Dimitri

Professor, University of Siena

Nikola Tchouparov

CEO, Moneyfold

Nikolas Markou

CTO, Electi Consulting

Paola Cerchiello

Sr. Assistant Professor, University of Pavia

Paul P. Momtaz

Researcher, UCLA

Peplluis de la Rosa Esteva

Full Professor, UdG Spain

Quinn DuPont

Research Associate, University of Washington

Rajan Kashyap

Solutions Manager

Ralf Wandmacher

Professor, Accadis University

Seongbae Lim

Professor, St. Mary's University

Sinclair Davidson

Professor, RMIT University

Sthiven Pinilla

Product Owner

Susan Ruddell Ramonat

Chief Executive, Spiritus Partners

Administration and governance

Scientific Advisory Board

Wei-Tek Tsai

Scientific Advisor

Ben Schenglin

Scientific Advisor

Tomaso Aste

Scientific Director

Alexander Lipton

Scientific Advisor

David B Kinitsky

Scientific Advisor

Pinar Emirdag

Scientific Advisor

Executive Board

Paolo Tasca

Executive Director

Tomaso Aste

Scientific Director

John Shawe-Taylor

Head, Computer Science

Executive Director Working Group

Paolo Tasca

Executive Director

Research Area

Anna Gorbatcheva

Research Coordinator

Operations Area

Letitia Zainea

Operations Officer

IT Area

Cosmin Bresug

Full-Stack Developer

Business Area

Thamim Ahmed

Program Manager

Arthur De Roey

Strategic Partnerships at UCL CBT

Marketing Area

Monica Stragliotto

Event Manager

Lars Gladhaug

Marketing Officer