The UCL CBT starts from a core-group of faculty members and scholars with complementary competences in:

Cryptography and Information Security
Distributed Systems and Network Theory
Privacy, Reputation and P2P economics
Behavioral Science and Data Science
Technology Law and Cyberhetics
Cyber Risk, Operational Risk, Systemic Ris
Complex Systems and Agent-Based Modelling
Financial Intermediation and Banking Regulation
FinTech and Banking Digitization
Smart Contracts and Blockchain applications

Morever, the UCL CBT is already collaborating with senior business executives, blockchain leaders, SMEs and FinTech entrepreneurs, and major policy makers at the national and international levels on all forms of blockchain-based applications and activities.

A Network View on the UCL CBT



Anna Donovan

Co-director, Centre for Ethics and Law Lecturer in Law, UCL

Antoaneta Serguieva

Director, Senior Research Associate, Research Associate, UCL

Ariane Chapelle

Honorary Reader for the course “Operational Risk Measurement in the Financial Services”, UCL

Arthur Petersen

Professor of Science, Technology and Public Policy, UCL

Chris D. Clack

Founder, Financial Computing MSc Programme and the Thomson-Reuters Laboratory, UCL

Daniel Fricke

Lecturer in Financial Computing, UCL

David Shipworth

Reader in Energy and the Built Environment, UCL Energy Institute

David Tuckett

Professor and Director of the Centre for the Study of Decision Making Uncertainty, UCL Faculty of Brain Sciences

Denise Gorse

Member of the Financial Computing and Analytics group, UCL

Donald Lawrence

Visiting professor and SME in capital markets and risk management, UCL

Fabio Caccioli

Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science, UCL

Frank Witte

Departmental tutor at the department of Economics, UCL

Gareth Peters

Assistant Professor in the Department of Statistical Science, UCL

George Danezis

Head of the Information Security Group of the Computer Science department, UCL

Giacomo Livan

Research Associate, Department of Computer Science, UCL

Guido Germano

Senior Lecturer Programme Director and Admissions Tutor, MSc Computational Finance, UCL

Jason Blackstock

Senior Lecturer in Science and Global Affairs, UCL

Johannes Ruf

Senior Lecturer, Department of Mathematics, UCL

John Shawe-Taylor

Head of Department, Professor of Computational Statistics and Machine Learning, UCL

Michal Galas

Research Associate, Financial Computing and Analytics, UCL

Nicolas Courtois

Cryptographer, Senior Lecturer, Computer Science, UCL

Patrick Wolfe

Deputy Director, Alan Turing Institute & Professor of Statistics, UCL

Philip Treleaven

Professor of Computing and Director UK Centre for Financial Computing and Analytics, UCL

Rickard Nyman

Research Student, Computer Science, UCL

Sarah Meiklejohn

Lecturer in the departments of Computer Science and Security and Crime Science, UCL

Sylvie Delacroix

Director of the Centre for Ethics and Law, UCL

External Members

Andrea Baronchelli

Lecturer at City University of London

Claudio Tessone

Assistant Professor, Department of Business Administration Network Science

Constance Choi

Co-Founder at COALA & Blockchain Workshops

Damiano Brigo

Professor at Imperial College London

Danny Gozman

Lecturer at Henley Business School at the University of Reading

Dror Y Kenett

Researcher at OFR, US Treasury department

Janos Kertesz

Professor at Central European University

Jean-Pierre Zigrand

Director, Systemic Risk Centre at London School of Economics and Political Science

Jon Danielsson

Co-Director Systemic Risk Centre at LSE

Julie Maupin

Senior Research Fellow at the Max-Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law

Marcella Atzori

Political analyst and researcher

Marco Bardoscia

Research Associate at the London Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Mark D Flood

Research Principal at OFR, US Treasury Department

Matthias Lehmann

Director of Institute of Private International and Comparative Law at the University of Bonn

Odysseas N. Sclavounis

Student in institutional theory and governance at the Alan Turing Institute and the Oxford Internet Institute.

Primavera de Filippi

Permanent Researcher at CNRS

Rosario Nunzio Mantegna

Professor at Palermo University and Central European University

Stathi Panayi

Data Scientist at Cumulus / City Financial Investment Company

Tiziana Di Matteo

Professor of Financial Mathematics, King’s College

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