Industry Engagement

Becoming a member of the UCL CBT yields the opportunity of being at the epicentre of global Blockchain development, in collaboration with world-leading firms and institutions


The UCL CBT is a multilateral innovation platform, designed around industry and policymakers’ needs. Our academic expertise allows us to produce cutting-edge Blockchain solutions for industry, start-ups and regulators across a variety of sectors. Key services include project-based consulting, extensive database sharing and training programs for professionals.

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The UCL CBT manges a large and expansive collaborative network of relationships with cross-sectoral industry players, trade associations, academic research centres, regulators and government departments in the UK, Europe, North America, and Asia. At the heart of this is our community of Research and Industry Associates. Members of our community are able to access all of the resources within our network.

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Industry & Consultancy


We support partners in the design, implementation and testing processes with DLT by providing consultancy, dedicated knowledge-transfer activities and in-house cutting-edge solutions.

Institutions & Regulators


We promote the safe and organic adoption of blockchain platforms in our socio-economic systems, collaborating closely with public entities and regulatory bodies.



We foster the creation of platforms, resources and ideas amongst the Centre’s partners while accelerating the growth and development of blockchain startups through invstment, research, product development and expertise.