The 2007-2009 global financial crisis has brought to the fore the importance of the network of claims and liabilities emanating from the close ties between financial institutions. The potential of contagious domino effects within such networks and various shock transmission channels within the banking system have become a major concern for macro-prudential regulation. The analysis of these connections requires new instruments of analysis that have not been used in economics before.The papers in this special issue of Computational Economics are the outcome of a workshop held under the auspices of the University Jaume I, Castellón, Spain (UJI) at the Hotel Palasiet in nearby Benicassim in May 2013. The workshop brought together researchers from various countries and fields. It covered empirical studies on networked systems, the behavior of banks, as well as studies on contagion and systemic risk. Four of these contributions are presented on the following pages.The article by Sam Langfiel …


Simone Alfarano, Daniel Fricke, Thomas Lux, Matthias Raddant




Computational Economics, (47)1, 1–2.


Complex networks