A facile method for the preparation of thin-film carbon electrodes by electron beam evaporation onto highly doped silicon is presented. The physical and electrochemical properties of these films both before and after postdeposition pyrolysis are investigated. Raman spectroscopy establishes the amorphous structure of the nonpyrolyzed carbon films and confirms the formation of graphitic carbon after pyrolysis at 1000 °C. Scanning force microscopy reveals the root-mean-square roughness of nonpyrolyzed films to be ∼1 Å, while pyrolyzed films exhibit an increased roughness of ∼4 Å. The electrochemical behavior of the electrodes resembles glassy carbon, with measured heterogeneous electron-transfer rate constants among the highest measured for thin carbon films. These carbon film electrodes will potentially find applications in such fields as molecular electronics and scanning probe microscopy of adsorbed species.

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Jason J Blackstock, Abbas A Rostami, Aletha M Nowak, Richard L McCreery, Mark R Freeman, Mark T McDermott




Analytical chemistry, (76)9, 2544–2552.


Complex Systems, Computational Finance, Computational Science, and Data Science