BARAC Meeting 2018-07-16

By August 2, 2018updates

Topic: Identity, Anonymity, and Regulation in Blockchain Systems.

The degree of anonymity is a critical constraint in blockchain design. Identity and anonymity are also critical to regulation (certainly for KYC).  In this meeting we will explore the issue, discuss existing solutions and elaborate extreme scenarios and their impact and compatibility with current and future regulation.

Participants included roughly 25 individuals representing business, regulators, law enforcement, and academia.


Location: University College London
66 Gower Street, 4th Floor
London WC1E 6EA

Final Agenda:

12:00 (Lunch)


13:00 Welcome and Introduction (Room 4.05).  Presented by Tomaso Aste of UCL.


13:30 “Onyx.”  Presented by Shengze (Steven) Wang of RBS.

Themes: digital identity in web and blockchain systems, certification, the future role of banks.



14:00 “Blockpass: Passport to a Connected World.”  Presented by Guy Davies of Blockpass and Liam Bell of Edinburgh Napier University.

Themes: verification of self-sovereign identities, identity in the context of decentralised trust, protocols for identity, reducing compliance costs, smart contracts



14:30 “ObjectTech.”  Presented by Paul Ferris of ObjectTech.

Themes: identity systems in airports, health, finance, and first response.


15:00 (Coffee Break)


15:30 “Digital Identity and KYC.”  Presented by Abbas Ali of R3.

Themes: corporate KYC, self-sovereign identity, digital identity, verifiable claims, distributed identifiers, international standards



16:00 “Decentralised Identity and Private Payments.” Presented by Geoff Goodell of University College London.

Themes: distributed ledgers in identity systems, separating mechanism from control, private payments, establishing regulation and compliance procedures for use with anonymous payment systems.



16:30 (Roundtable and Discussion)


17:30 (Meeting Concludes)