UCL CBT July Research Newsletter


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Research & Engagement

UCL CBT White Paper on DLT & Land Registry

The CBT has co-authored a white paper with HM Land Registry and Mishcon de Reya on applications of DLT to Land Registry. The white paper describes a proof of concept system that reduced the conveyancing (process to buy and sell a property) process for a property from 22 weeks to just under 10 minutes.

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FINAL WEEK FOR APPLICATIONS – Second Call for Reserach Proposals – Blockchain Tools To Combat Covid-19

We are excited to inform you about the opening of the second call for research proposals focussed on the theme of how blockchain can combat Covid-19. This call has a rolling deadline and is open until 18 July 2020. Projects will be assessed, and funding announcements made as and when they are received (until the funding pot is finished). Importantly this call is open to all of our Associates without needing to have a UCL Staff member acting as the Principal Investigator.

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Submit Your DLT Solutions to the UCL CBT  Covid-19 Task Force

The COVID Task Force will convene key players in the global blockchain ecosystem to identify deployable technology solutions that address governmental, social and commercial challenges caused by COVID. Working on an expedited timetable, the Task Force will analyze, sort, package and present solutions to governments and organizations to deliver real value quickly. Learn more here.

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UCL CBT Events

UCL CBT Online Seminar Series

Next months seminar is on 30th July at 18:00 UK time. Our speaker will be Navroop Sahdev on the topic of “New Sources of Risk (and the case for building antifragile systems). Last week’s recording of Rosario Mantegna’s seminar on the topic of  “Dynamics of fintech terms in news and blogs and specialization of companies of the fintech industry” is available here.

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Geoffrey Goodell, Paolo Tasca, and Hazem Danny Al-Nakib published a new paper entitled ‘Digital Currency and Economic Crises: Helping States Respond” to equip governments and central banks with a mechanism to help ensure the continuity and sustainability of their economies, along with both speed and transparency of payments with their National Digital Value Container. The paper is featured in a Forbes article here and a direct link to the paper is available here.

Giovanna Massarotto would like to showcase her paper entitled “Can Antitrust Trust Blockchain?” forthcoming as a book chapter of “Algorithmic Antitrust, Springer, 2021” available here.

Noémie Dié would like to share this article, entitled “Helicopter money and CBDCs: Are DLTs the perfect infrastructure for monetary policies in a time of crisis?”.

Alexander Blum is pleased to announce he was featured in CoinTelegraph and his company, Two Prime, also released a downloadable book on Cryptocurrency Markets available here.

Horst Treiblmaier (Modul University Vienna) has co-edited a book on DLT Use Cases published by Springer. In this book several researchers from around the world explore and assess real-world use cases and case studies on blockchain and related technologies. Find out more here.

Seongbae Lim has published a book (written in Korean) entitled “Blockchain-driven Smart Governance Systems for Covid-19 era” through Yuwon Publishing, Seoul, Korea. The book talks about how to build a blockchain-driven smart governance systems for overcoming various new normals in Covid-19 era. He also published an article entitled “Convergence strategy and innovation capability of the classic art industry,” in the International Journal of Quality Innovation. The paper can be seen here.

Anna Elmirzayeva recently published an article on Cyptoasset Regulation in the LegalTech Book.

Paul Momtaz would like to share a recent publication forthcoming in the Journal of Corporate Finance with his co-author Christian Fisch of Trier University, entitled “Institutional Investors and Post-ICO Performance: An Empirical Analysis of Investor Returns in Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)”, available here.

Juan Ibanez, Paolo Tasca, Jiahua Xu and Chris N. Bayer would like to share their paper entitled “REA, Triple-Entry Accounting and Blockchain: Converging Paths to Shared Ledger Systems”, available here. Juan will also be presenting this paper in one of UCL CBT’s Monthly Online Seminars on August 27.

José Parra Moyano would like to communicate his latest paper published at the MIT Sloan Management Review. The article explains what managers need to know about data exchanges, and features blockchain technology as one of the enablers for decentralized data exchanges. The paper can be read here.

Evangelos Pournaras published his awarded article “Proof of Witness Presence: Blockchain Consensus for Augmented Democracy in Smart Cities” at the Journal of Parallel and Distributed Systems (available here).


Our Community 

The FCA published, in March 2019, consumer research into ‘consumer attitudes and awareness of cryptoassets’. The FCA have now published follow-up, quantitative research among a larger sample of cryptoasset owners, to ensure our understanding of consumer behaviour and areas of potential harm remain accurate. This research was designed to help to build on the previously gained insight into how consumers interact with the cryptoassets market. The research note can be found here and the corresponding press release can be found here.

LeadBlock Partners are pleased to reveal their “Enterprise Blockchain 2020 Report”, the first in-depth study of the European Enterprise Blockchain ecosystem, providing unique insights and highlighting key opportunities for start-ups and corporations. The report can be found here.