The UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies is the first educational centre to open offices at Bloktopia, a decentralised metaverse built on Polygon. The metaverse is the bridge between physical and virtual worlds, as it extends the current conception that sees VR only used in gaming. Indeed, the metaverse opens the road for any other activity to be carried out in virtual reality and its underlying technology, the blockchain, allows users to earn for participating in the ecosystem, instead of being themselves the product.


Bloktopia consists of a skyscraper made up of 21 levels, to pay homage to the 21 million bitcoin, which includes over 200 virtual stores, socialisation and gaming areas. The UCL CBT offices are located on a premium floor. Other participants of the complex real estate ecosystem include Avalanche, Binance NFT, Bitboy, Chainlink, CoinMarketCap, CoinTelegraph, KuCoin, Polygon, and Solana.
Bloktopia aims to provide its users with an unprecedented VR experience leveraging the world’s most advanced real-time 3D Creation Engine to design stunning visualisations. Importantly, it acts as a central hub where crypto users will have the chance to learn about the diverse blockchain ecosystem and access immersive content all in one place. Indeed, cryptocurrency information is currently siloed among different platforms and can be hard to navigate through it, especially as beginners in the space. This issue is dear to Bloktopia, which aims to bring educational content to Bloktopians and position itself as an informative metaverse where crypto users with all levels of experience can benefit from interacting in the ecosystem. This is precisely where UCL CBT and Bloktopia meet; to create an educational partnership and bring the highest quality academic and industry content to Bloktopians, fighting siloed information and, ultimately, blockchain illiteracy.
BLOK is the native token of Bloktopia, a utility token that is available on both Decentralised and major Centralised Exchanges, following the most successful Token Generation Event (TGE) of 2021. Bloktopians, the native token holders, will need it to operate in the ecosystem and carry out activities such as buying real estate or items at the marketplace via a NFT mechanism, as well as to access exclusive events, join pre-sales and staking. The tokens from initial real estate purchases, known as REBLOK, will be burnt to design a deflationary token. In addition, when Bloktopia real estate will be sold following a multi-phase sale, the BLOK tokens used for the purchase of REBLOK tokens will be locked, further reducing the circulating supply. This makes it possible for Bloktopians to speculate on their real estate investments. Moreover, key brand partners will have to pay fees to advertise within the Bloktopia ecosystem, which will be distributed to token-holders.
Finally, the holders of REBLOK NFT’s make up the governance council, meaning that they will be able to make proposals, vote and reach a verdict based on the majority responses via the DAO.