Become an XRP Ledger Campus Ambassador

UCL CBT is happy to announce that applications are open to the XRP Ledger Campus Ambassador program for Fall 2022, which runs from September to December 2022.

The XRP Ledger Campus Ambassador program is the result of a partnership between Ripple and the XRPL Foundation, and it aims to engage, support, connect, and empower a group of students to further advance engagement on the XRP Ledger. In their role, Campus Ambassadors help educate other students about crypto and how to start building on the XRPL, hence elevating the impact of college students who are passionate about blockchain technology.

Campus Ambassadors receive mentorship from notable members of the community and participate in personalized learning and training sessions on the XRPL and blockchain technology, receive new XRPL swag for them and swag to share with other students, a stipend to fund their ideas and initiatives that fuel XRPL growth on campus, access and invitations to Ambassador-only events, conferences, and opportunities such as the potential for travel to conferences and gain hands-on experience building communities and growing their professional network in the blockchain industry.

All students are welcome to apply to the Fall cohort, including undergraduate, graduate, and PhD, at this link: The application process consists of submitting an application and stating why you are interested in the program during an interview.