Research project

Blockchain Technology for Algorithmic Regulation
and Compliance (BARAC).

The BARAC project defines feasibility guidelines to policy makers,
industry and regulators by identifying problems and associated
solutions with a bottom up approach, built through case studies
and proof of concept platforms.

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The project aims to have an impact on several sectors:


BARAC will open up new lines of interdisciplinary research (across computer science, economics, management science, complexity science, etc.) on fundamental aspects of distributed ledgers and regulatory principles. The main avenues for impacting academia are to publish research papers in international peer-reviewed journals, give talks at conferences, universities and other research institutions, organize workshops and conferences, visit and host academic researchers, and interact with an interdisciplinary set of researchers.


Many major financial institutions are already seeking ways to incorporate distributed ledgers into their products, but understanding feasibility within compliance with current regulation is critical for their success. UCL CBT addresses such issue of reducing compliance and regulation risk while reducing the costs and increasing speed by collaborating with its partners on mutual projects.

Regulators, UK government and society

The UK government has publicly expressed interest in distributed ledger technologies, and the findings of this research programme could directly impact any deployments, both in shorter and longer timescales. The main avenue for achieving this goal is via our user partners, visits and discussions with other government entities, and workshops held throughout the course of the project.

Funding institute

EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council)

  • Funding Code: EP/P031730/1

  • Starting Date: April 2017

  • Duration: 24 months

Funding partners

London School of Economics and Political Science, University of Reading, King’s College London, Advanced Technology Solutions SpA, Aesthetic Integration Ltd, BT, Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, Financial Conduct Authority, Lykke, Morrison&Foerster, R3 CEV

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BARAC Meetings

BARAC Meeting 2019-09-11

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BARAC Meeting 2019-03-25

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BARAC Meeting 2018-11-16

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BARAC Meeting 2018-09-17

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BARAC Meeting 2018-07-16

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