Park Sooyong

Professor at Sogang University

Dr. Park is currently Director of Blockchain Research Center at Sogang University sponsored by Korean Government and was a President & CEO of National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA) from September, 2012 until November 14, 2014. Before joining NIPA, he was a computer science professor (March, 1998-September, 2012) and dean of Graduate School of Information and Technology (March, 2011-September, 2012) at Sogang University.

He had also served as Chairman of Global Fintech Research Institute, Technical Advisor as a member of Creative Economy Commission at Korean Federation of Small and Medium Business (KBIZ) (July, 2013-November, 2014), Technical Advisor as a member of a Committee on Science and Technology at the Federation of Korea Industries (FKI) (September, 2012-November, 2014), Technical Advisor at President’s Council on National ICT Strategies(September, 2012), Technical Advisor at National Science & Technology Commission (March, 2011-September, 2012), Chairman of the Committee at Software Policy Research Group (November, 2011-December, 2012), and President at Software Engineering Society (April, 2010-March, 2012).

Dr. Park has published over 55 papers in the top tier outlets including IEEE Computer and Communications of the ACM. He was an editorial board member of Industrial Management and Data Systems Journal, and Journal of Computer and Information Systems. He holds Ph.D. in Information Technology from George Mason University, MS in Computer Science from the Florida State Univ., and BS at Sogang University


Block Chain, FinTech, Software Engineering


Blockchain, FinTech, Information Security, System Security, Smart Contracts


Sogang University

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